Your questions answered

What type of condition is the car in?
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The 1984 Land Cruiser is in good condition. It’s done roughly 195,000 kilometres and is a manual transmission. We have serviced the car and done a heap of work to it to ensure it’s roadworthy, reliable and looks its best. 

That being said, it’s still a used car and will show its age and stories in certain parts of the car!

What have you added or done to the car?
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Here’s some of the features that we have added to the car:

  • Front Runner Rack ($2615): Elevate your travel game by carrying all your essentials effortlessly. The Front Runner Rack adds extra storage and style to the Land Cruiser.
  • Adventure Merchants Dual Battery System with Enerdrive 40a DCDC, Enerdrive 100ah 12v Lifepo4 Slimcase Battery $4,990: Let there be light! The Adventure Merchants Base Battery System is the starting point for cold beers, light for night time card games and of course charging the life essential electronics. Designed to keep you off-grid and away from pesky work emails and surfing the perfect point break for longer.
  • Simarine Digital Switching ($3,235): Control and monitor all of your systems and devices from a sleek touch screen control; this sophisticated digital switching system, courtesy of our friends at Enerdrive will take your glamping to the next level and ensure your Land Cruiser’s electronics are top-notch.
  • Dometic GO Compact Camp Chairs ($388): Relax and unwind in comfort wherever your Land Cruiser takes you.
  • Go Hydration Jug ($119) and Water Faucet ($99): Stay hydrated on the go with these essential accessories.
  • Dometic Portable Fridge Freezer CFX3 55IM with Front Runner Fridge Slide ($2348): Keep your food and drinks cold and fresh, no matter where you are. This fridge freezer is a game-changer for your outdoor adventures.
  • Dometic Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe ($329): Whip up delicious meals in the wilderness with this versatile and compact camping stove.
  • Protective Cover for CFX3 55 & 55IM ($249): Ensure your Dometic fridge stays in top condition with this durable cover.
  • Pico 1 Person Tent ($799): Enjoy cozy and convenient shelter for your solo adventures with this easy-to-set-up tent.
  • Dometic Hub 2 Redux ($799): Create a home away from home with this spacious and adaptable outdoor shelter, perfect for camping, events, or family getaways.
  • On-Board Water with Trigger Shower ($1,195): Stay refreshed on your adventures with the convenience of on-board water and a trigger shower.
  • Upgrade to Pop-Up Double Din with Apple CarPlay / Android ($1,485): We have modernized the Land Cruiser with a state-of-the-art entertainment system that keeps you connected on the road.
  • Maxtrax’s with Roof Rack Mount ($949): Gear up for any situation with these essential off-road tools.
  • MOVA Custom rear drawer ($6,500): Hand built in Sydney, the Mova drawer systems are the centre of living for your off-road adventures with built-in power, slide-out stainless bench for prep and cooking after a day’s adventures.
  • Adventure Ready Camping Kit ($849): The finest selection of adventure-ready gear from Adventure Merchants and Outfitters, including stainless steel tableware, beach towels, and a cocktail shaker (of course).
  • Gulwing windows with Mova Custom Storage ($2,495): Kitted out ready for those summer beach missions to get easy access spare leg ropes, wax…and some recovery gear thrown in for good measure.
  • MOVA Vertical Surf Board Carrier ($895): Take your surfboards along and hit the waves with ease, thanks to this specialized carrier.
  • Freestanding 270° Awning ($2,485): Built for missions – be it rain hail or shine this will keep you sheltered and ready for the next day’s break.
  • Onboard Air Compressor and Air Kit ($1,395): Elevate your beach driving game with an onboard air compressor and air kit, so you’re always prepared for any terrain.
  • Jack Robinson Signed Surfboard (Priceless): Surf in style with this exclusive surfboard, autographed by the legendary Jack Robinson himself.
Do I need to upload a copy of my receipt to enter?
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Yes, as a condition of entry we do require you to upload a copy of a valid receipt to show proof of purchase. Unfortunately, a photo of your beers won’t cut the mustard. We do this to make sure the competition is as fair as possible!

Can I enter more than once?
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Sure can! For every qualifying purchase and receipt, you can upload an entry into the draw. So if you forgot to grab that receipt first time around, feel free to enter again prior to the competition closing on 15/04/24.

I notice the competition closing date printed on the packaging is 15/04/23, what gives?
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Yep, little red faced on that one – typo! Confirming that the competition runs from 13/11/23 at 09:00 am AEST until 15/04/24 at 11:59 pm AEST. The draw will be on 26/04/24. 

Tell me about the minor prizes?
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We have 200 Gage Roads surf caps and 100 x $40 Gage Roads merch vouchers up for grabs. 

After the competition, we will grab the postal addresses from all lucky winners to send out the surf caps; and for merch vouchers, these will be dispatched to the email address provided on entry!